Zombie George Washington
Zombie george washington character
Actor Robert Jennings
aka ZGW, ZWG, Zombie Washington George (possibly), ZG-Dubbs, Alien George Washington, AGW, GW, George Washington
Job Eating Bwains, Interviewer
Personality Hunger for brains.
Age 67 (When he died.) So he stopped aging.
Friends Benjamin Franklinstein, Rimshot Monkey
Enemies The Librarian, Robot Abraham Lincoln
First Appearance President's Day Origins
Quote "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"


Zombie George Washington was the main character of the show. His enemy is Robot Abraham Lincoln.


He yells and screams a lot. He also likes to eat brains, which he calls bwains . He pretends to like answer people's questions. Zgw dosen't yell all the time. He just likes to whisper.  He also seems to have the IQ of a second Grader(Said by Slenderman), and prounoncing things wrong. He has a very bad habit of calling Robot Abraham Lincoln a poopy pants.